THE WEAZEL is a monthly digital magazine that operates more like a fanzine. It is made up of a group of writers and artists that focus on amplifying voices by showcasing real stories, feelings, and people. 

Issue #3: May

This month we spoke to Lilia Hernandez Galusha, a multimedia artist, about vulnerability in art, and the importance of family.


Henry Edwards writes about the never-ending problem of populism in

Other topics include, the significance of the U.S flag, a man needing to shit, a fucked up relationship, missing a partner, a teen entranced into buying a pair of baby shoes, a man daydreaming about his future, and another comic by Everett Gee.

28 Pages, Digital

Issue #2: April

In this issue we interview visual artist and curator Matthew Castellano, where he talks about growing up in South Florida and the influence skateboarding has on his art.


Henry Edwards exposes the generational racism in the State Capitol involving former AR Senator, Jim Johnson, and his son, cur-rent State Senator, Mark Johnson.

You’ll also read some short stories, journal
entries, and poetry about nostalgia, sexual encounters, poverty, desperation,
and a kid with a weird face.


Plus another fucked up comic by Everett Gee.

24 Pages, Digital

Issue #1: March

This issue includes a profile on multimedia artist, Jenn Perren. She talks about her art career, the battle of studying art in college, and the revival of Little Rocked Smut Zine.

A political piece comparing the terms of Bush and Trump, focusing on how much damage they caused during and after their tenure as president.

Silly, dark, and real writings including poetry, short stories, book reviews, journal entries, comics, and astrology.

26 Pages, Digital