LLEGO HOY is an independent feature film based in Central Arkansas. The story follows a couple as they try to smuggle their son into the states. When the day arrives, an unexpected stranger shows up, unidentified, looking for answers.


Llego Hoy is an intimate story that covers the struggles of immigration, familial ties, and the emotions a mother goes through in searching for her lost son. When telling a story that is personal and relevant to many people, our goal is to make this film as authentic as possible, and to support the Latinx community throughout the process. We are shooting at Latinx businesses and homes and a major part of our crew are Latinx, or people of color. All of the cast consists of non-actors, who share similar experiences as those represented in the story, and the entire film will be in Spanish.

The production of the film all is based in Little Rock, AR and surrounding towns. The production, crew, and cast are all residents of Central Arkansas.


All funds will go toward the project, in helping with production costs, and paying our well-deserved crew.

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Llego Hoy sets off on a journey in which Marta, a caring mother, and her boyfriend Chuy, an upholstery worker, attempt to smuggle her son, Neno, into the US to finally be together as a family.


These two are successful in smuggling someone over, however it’s not the son they had anticipated. An unidentified man, Emilio, appears in place of Neno. His arrival spawns more questions than answers for the couple. Marta, desperate for any clues, welcomes him into their home, in hopes that it will lead her closer to Neno.

Over the course of a couple days Marta and Chuy try to figure out the inevitable failure of Neno’s arrival while simultaneously embracing the unexpected friendship with Emilio. 

In a journey of lies, fear, and mystery - everything starts to crumble as our characters’ secrets come to light.



Played by 

Veronica Cruz Lara

(Director David’s Mother)

A wandering, desperate mother who is more concerned with helping others than herself. Marta is burdened by a deep secret that she can’t control. Struggling to find her son, her secrets start to spill out.

Played by 

Celso Cruz 

(Director David’s Father)


An upholsterer who is not only crafty with his hands, but good with finding ways to cut corners. Chuy’s past comes to haunt him. His affiliation with a mysterious client puts him in a dangerous situation.


Curious and reserved, Emilio arrives with the hopes of finding a new and prosperous life - just like any other man, yet his secret remains on the surface - as Marta and Chuy keep a close eye on him.

Played by 

Rudy Fajardo



Living mostly in Arkansas, David aspires to integrate his roots and heritage into his stories. David mixes his personal life and the surreal into the narratives of his films, creating a very self-reflective world.

"Creating personal projects within my community and culture here in Arkansas is my passion. By building a collection of stories that bridge the gap of life on both sides of the southern border, I hope to inspire others like me to share their experiences."