Fluke Publishing began in 2020, producing zines, comics, sketchbooks and other underground rags. Started by Matthew Thompson, editor and publisher of Fluke fanzine since 1991, Fluke Publishing produces zines of his friends and plans to expand from there

Fluke 18 (2020)


This issue focuses on outsider art and culture.

We caught up with filmmaker, photographer and cinematographer Bill Daniel—creator of the experimental documentary film Who is Bozo Texino?—and talked about zines, Aaron Cometbus and Bill's train-hopping adventures that eventually led to discovering the moniker writers of the US railways system.

Susan A. Phillips of Pitzer College and author of The City Beneath: A Century of Los Angeles Graffiti has been researching graffiti since 1990. Susan shares with us her vast knowledge and discoveries, including graffiti dating back to the early 20th century by legendary hobo A-No. 1.

We welcome back Gary Floyd (Dicks, Sister Double Happiness), who was featured in Fluke 15 in 2018. I had two friends submit interviews with Gary, this is the second one. Gary talks about growing up in Gurdon, Arkansas, moving to Austin and forming the Dicks, and touring with Nirvana with Sister Double Happiness.

Sergej Vutuc—photographer, zine maker, skateboarder and musician now based in Paris, France—contributes his skateboarding photographs that are like none other.

buZ blurr of Colossus of Roads fame writes about connecting with Bill Daniel in the early '90s, during Bill's search for Bozo Texino. buZ also contributed art for this issue.

Linda Kite writes about her relationship with D Boon (Minutemen) and the Desolation Center shows around Los Angeles in the early to mid '80s.

Also in this issue you'll find more art and photographs as well as writings about skateboarding, music, art and friendship. It is my hope that this issue will inspire you to keep searching, keep creating and keep living through these troubled times.

56 pages, half-size issue

New Wave Chicken fanzine was created in an attempt to bring friends together and tell our stories of growing up in the early '80s, discovering punk rock and new wave, creating bands, seeing shows and surviving. For many of us, these formative years have galvanized us to the people we are today—creative and obsessive music fans. I remember sitting in my backyard in Maui, surrounded by chickens, thinking I should start writing stories down before I get too old, thus New Wave Chicken was born.

I’ve spent over thirty years creating issue number eight. It has been that long that I’ve wanted to interview Paul from Jim Jones and the Kool-Ade Kids and we spent days talking about how punk rock in West Michigan started, blossomed and exists to this day.

Another interview features Tim from the Cannibinoids, a popular West Michigan band that didn’t leave a record for us to remember, just a few pictures on the internet and a YouTube video.

Danbert Nobacon from the band Chumbawamba is also interviewed and we talk about his new musical project, Axis of Dissent.

The artist Mike Banks contributed a story about Grand Rapids, and another artist, Mike Fisher, who grew up in a small town in Northern California writes about discovering punk rock.

Lastly, I write about one of the most defining moments of my life, the days leading up to Mr. Bungle’s second North American tour.

I hope that you will be willing to join us in the celebration of punk rock, new wave and chickens.

Aloha! -Steve Hart

New Wave Chicken Issue 8 (Winter 2020)


24 pages, digest size




Part travelogue, part sketch diary, part comic book, part treasure map. Visual artist NXOEED and his team of amateur prospectors spend their weekends venturing into remote parts of the Southwest and combing the desert floor for rare and precious gemstones. The artist, whose real name is James B. Hunt, has spent the past year compiling a list of coordinates and marking their precise geolocations on a map. These coordinates are set against a backdrop of nightmarish birds, ghouls and 'supersoldiers' the artist thought would be fun to include in the final draft. The ensuing product is a zine unlike any other.


A year in the life of visual artist James B. Hunt aka NXOEED. Posters he illustrated, band logos he created, altercations he had along the way, and graphics to create your own flyers.

NXOEED Issue 1 (Spring 2020)


24 pages, digest size

32 pages, 8.5x7

Knuckleheads Zine

From the sewers of St. Louis and the demented mind of Everett Gee comes the comic KNUCKLEHEADS! Without a doubt the swine flu of stupidity! There's been nothing funny about 2020... until now.

Knuckleheads Issue 1 (Fall 2020)


32 page comic, 7"x5.5"

Embrace the Hate Zine

EMBRACE: the HATE (Summer 2020)


In this issue, we see Luis Hernandez’s growth over the past year as he confronts his own anger in a series of journal entries.

Tim Morrison prods at the unending discomfort of dissociative states through his own semi-fictional poetry and flash writings.

Each piece is embodied by the illustrations from artists Cole McVay and Katie Bell.

Graphic designer Caleb Stafford matches the intensity and tone of each work through his overall designs and formats.

32 pages, half size issue