LLEGO HOY is an independent feature film based in Central Arkansas. The story follows a couple as they try to smuggle their son into the states. When the day arrives, an unexpected stranger shows up, unidentified, looking for answers.


Four young men are held in place by the untiring inertia of existence. 

A farm wife goes about her day, business as usual.

During a normal stroll through the woods, a man uncovers a dark and mystical secret.

We dive into the minds of a man and a woman while on a drive.

Two young men befriend each other, and decide to change the fate of their school.

While on a drunken binge, Henry makes a mistake and must bury it while being haunted by a mysterious figure.

Father  2018

An intoxicated man experiences a series of strange encounters with women of his past, present, and future.

Lovers arrive.



First of the "Lovers Series"

Two friends meet after some time.

Third and last of the "Lovers Series"

Hoop Chronicles (Vol. 1)  2020

Will our hero, Ballman, be able to stave off the hateful, Inferno Tony, or will he fall like the many street ball legends before him?

A Latino man in his 20's, obsessed with capturing people's stories, films and meets strangers while dealing with the death of a relative.

Luis looks at his own life to reflect on how growing up as a minority forces us to hide and silence our true selves.

Pitcher  2020

A man pitches through doubt in a series of vignettes.

The Process  2020

In an alternate reality, we view the process that passes for justice.

A waiting game.



Second of the "Lovers Series"