EMBRACE is a zine that acknowledges all aspects of life. Its focus is to celebrate the experiences, feelings, and thoughts we all share in some form, but may not be able to fully articulate. The goal is to embrace whatever the world sends at us, and to use it all as motivation. Each issue covers a different theme or topic, with our first issue focusing on 'HATE'.

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Issue 1: EMBRACE the HATE

A collection of raw and desolate journal entries, poems and writings told through two alternating perspectives over the course of a year—exploring their own repressed thoughts of hatred and confusion.


This issue includes journal entries from the past year by Luis Hernandez. Transcribed from his 3x5 pocket notebook and then put into print. 


Tim Morrison contributes his own poetry and semi-fiction in a vaguely personal form. He wishes he wrote journal entries as well, but he did not think of doing so. 


They each confront their own personal inadequacies, mundane traumas, and identity issues. These writings are amplified by the design and illustrations of Caleb Stafford, Cole McVay and Katie Bell.


Published by Fluke Publishing

Caleb's living room
Caleb's living room

"3-20-20" by Luis hernandez
"3-20-20" by Luis hernandez

Cut outs used for "Mike's Field"
Cut outs used for "Mike's Field"

Caleb's living room
Caleb's living room


Emails sent during the creation

process of the zine:

3/19/20 (to Katie)

"To be honest, even though I've been working on this for months, it's still pretty raw and some stuff hasn't been answered yet. For example, this first issue, we still aren't sure of the theme. So bear with me if I don't have everything and what not. Anyway, super thanks for your interest in and wanting to help out. Love your stuff and I just know you'll be great for it."


- Luis

4/5/20 (to Luis)

"The highlighted portion is actually the strongest part because it is specific and gives context. You mention timelessness, but there needs to be more details for anything to be authentic. It's kind of how in birthday cards it's all so vague that it can apply to anyone. "Life of the party", "dealing with high expectations", "expected to have all the answers". Without any examples or more detailed descriptions, these terms don't have any imagery or point of relation with the audience. Needs to be more personal."

- Tim

5/21/20 (to Tim)


"I changed some stuff up. I don't know if I really have a feeling toward this anymore but let me know if this is any good or what. Also, I know the formatting is fucked right now so just completely disregard that for now."

- Luis

7/23/20 (to Luis)

"Yeah, sorry I’ve been busy trying to move into the new apartment and also I just started my job. I’ll send it to you by Friday."

- Caleb