Weazel Lifestyle is an artist collective based in Little Rock, AR, with artists nationwide. Founded in 2019, and revamped in 2021, we work to produce new and original content that resonates with everyone.


Weazel Lifestyle focuses on building a sustainable and creative environment by connecting like-minded artists. We do this by creating a platform that curates from each artist to showcase themselves and their work. By supporting one another through collaborations and accessibility to new mediums and skills, we allow artists to focus on the most important thing...creating.


Weazelz are misunderstood and underestimated creatures. They're viewed as small, defenseless pests that wiggle their way through life just to survive. What people don't know is that weazelz are predators. They are animals of action, never resting or settling, always looking to the next hunt. They aren’t afraid of larger animals, willing to take anyone and anything head on. Weazelz represent what we are about- being relentless, fearless, and an initiator.